Profile of Graduates

Various roles that can be done by graduates ofMaterials and Metalurgical Engineering study programs in the field of expertise or certain fields of work after completing the lecture period.

Profile Learning Access
Research and Development Engineer

Analyzing and creating new designs, products and/or technologies

Welding Engineer and Welding Inspector

Leading a project related to welding starting from the analysis of procedures, processes, and documentation to inspection and all things related to welding technology

Manufacturing Engineer

Planning, organizing, and running the manufacturing process effectively and efficiently to produce qualified products

Quality Engineer

Organizing, running, and evaluating the final product through a reliable and trustworthy inspection process in accordance with standards

Scientist and Academician

Responsible for developing research and education 


Responsible for analyzing of company problems and providing advice to improve business processes, especially in the field of materials and metallurgy


A person who organizes and operates a business and takes on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so