Scientific Publication

Results from research activities in developing innovative and quality research products.

Research title Year Source of funds
Pengembangan Artificial Neural Network dalam Prediksi Kekuatan Material Hasil Las SMAW 2021 Independent
Experimental Test of Material Utilization Alam Kayu Gelam (Melaleuca Sp) at Concrete-Immersive Composite in Withstand Bending Load (Applied Study of Beam Elements Simple Building) 2019 ITK Grant
Analysis of the Effect of Weld Metal Current Variations GMAW-FCAW Combination Welding Against Mechanical Properties 2021 ITK Grant
Utilization of Wood Waste Bangkirai as Material Powerful Silencer for Replacing Glasswool 2019 LPPM ITK
Bone Scaffold Making based Hydroxyapatite/Zink/Alginate 2021 LPPM ITK
Material Making Hydroxyapatite-Zink-Chitosan For Bone Implant Application (Bone Scaffold) 2019 Ministry of Research and Technologist
Creation and Characterization Preform 2- Dimension Based Cellulose from Water Hyacinth (Eicchornia Crassipes) 2019 LPPM ITK
Preparation and Characterization of Porous Sintered Iron (Fe) with Powder Metallurgy for Bone Scaffold Applications 2020 LPPM ITK
Green Synthesis (Green Synthesis) Silver Nanoparticles (AgNPs) Using Cilembu Sweet Potato Extract 2018 Management Agency Education Fund (LPDP)
Empowerment of Endemic Plant Potential Kalimantan Through the Utilization of Leaf Extract Tiwai Onion (Eleutherine americana Merr.) As a Corrosion Inhibitor in API 5L . Steel Steel 2018 PDP Grant Research and Technology
Oxygen in Blood Sensor with Electrodes Boron Doped Diamond 2021 Keio University
Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor Using Boron Doped Diamond Electrode 2020 Keio University
Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor with Boron Electrodes Doped Diamond 2019 LPDP
Utilization of Chicken Egg Shell Waste in Balikpapan Region as Catalyst Buffer Fe2O3 for Wastewater Treatment 2021 LPPM ITK
Green Laundry: Laundry Handling Solution Balikpapan Using Photocatalyst Material TiO2 . Modified Calcite Based 2020 LPPM ITK
Synthesis of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) Cu-BDC by Electrosynthetic Method As a Catalyst for Waste Substance Treatment Color 2018 ITB
Investigation of the effect of alloying elements on the printability of biodegradable material 2019 RISE / SWERIM /KTH
Numerical Evaluation For Subsection Layer Delamination Wind Turbine with Cohesive Zone Model 2016 Independent
Adsorption of Co2+ Metal Ions in Ceramic Dyes Waste Using Activated Carbon from Lai Durio Kutejensis (Hassk) Becc Skin. Immobilized in Clay from East Kalimantan 2020 Research and Technology
Manufacture and Characterization of Biodegradable Plastics Based on Rice Aking Starch and Crab Shell Chitosan as a Substitute for Conventional Plastics 2020 LPPM ITK
Analysis of Environmental Effects on Corrosion Behavior of Embedded Gas Pipes in the Kariangau Industrial Estate, Balikpapan 2020 Research and Technology