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Materials and Metalurgical Engineering

Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering is a multi-disciplinary branch of science that combines basic sciences such as chemistry, physics, and biology that can be developed in various fields such as machinery, building, electricity, transportation, medical, and chemical reaction processes. Therefore, Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering have an important role in today's technological developments. Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering studies how an engineering process produces products/materials according to the desired properties. Efforts are needed to continuously improve the quality of a product/material (based on metals, polymers, ceramics, and composites) so as to produce new material breakthroughs. Quality is greatly influenced by the properties of the material. Material properties change based on differences in the structure in it. Furthermore, Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering explores the relationship between the process, structure, properties, and performance of materials.

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focus of knowledge aimed at students of theMaterials and Metalurgical Engineering study program

Design and Modeling

In designing a component, it is important for the engineer to make predictions/simulations regarding the magnitude of the stress, heat distribution, or other aspects received by the component by using software such as AutoCAD/ Auto..

Material Manufacturing

Materials manufacturing studies the process of making semi-finished goods into finished materials, either from metal, polymer, or ceramic base materials. Some examples of manufacturing are casting, welding, machining, etc.

Innovative Materials

It is important for materials engineers to create new materials to improve the quality of existing products. A materials engineer has the ability to analyze material properties so that the material can be applied according to its e..

Failure Analysis and Prevention

Material failure due to corrosion/material degradation and inappropriate loading is a problem that often occurs in the industrial world. Special skills are needed for materials engineers to analyze the root cause of the problem and..

Area of interest

focus of knowledge aimed at students of theMaterials and Metalurgical Engineering study program

Message from student

Alhamdulillah, I have graduated from Department Metallurgical Materials Engineering, ITK. A place where I learned and grew academically and non-academicly with a positive circle plus the support of friendly young lecturers. Now with the support and commitment of Department Metallurgical Materials Engineering in the program of Merdeka Learning program, it certainly makes studying more exciting for students to express themselves.

Founder & CEO of YOI Akuakultur

Alhamdulillah, I am very grateful and proud to be a part of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering Department. In this program, my friends and I were facilitated to forge soft skills and hard skills through academic activities and student organizations. Four years was not a short time, but the key is as long as there is the will and the will to forge oneself, then anyone will be succeed. Thanks to that, I was able to carry the name of MME Department to a career in a nickel processing industry that produces raw materials for electric vehicle batteries, the first and only company in Indonesia for now. Thank you MME Department, I wish you are always success. Regards!

Department of Management Trainee Production, PT. Halmahera Persada Lygend

It is an honor for me to be a part of MME Department. The culture applied encourages students to continue to develop and be strong in facing obstacles. An interesting and not monotonous learning method really helps MME Department's students to understand the lesson. Not only hard skills instilled by the program, student soft skills are also developed so that MME Department's graduates can compete in the world of work. With interesting learning methods and positive support from the program for student organizations, the potential of MME Department's students can be explored as much as possible.

Production Supervisor of PT. Cahaya Modern Metal Industry

The development of technological and industrial progress is certainly greatly influenced by the development of materials science. Every development that occurs is certainly a form of a process. Such as Department of Materials Engineering and Metallurgical which is a science that covers everything regarding the processing and processing of a material. It is an honor for me to be an alumni of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering Deparment at Institut Teknologi Kalimantan, which is part of the educational process and the path to a brilliant career, guided by competent educators in the field of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering Department.

Dean of Engineering Faculty, Billfath University

It is an honor to be a part of ITK in the Materials and Metallurgical Engineering program. The knowledge gained is very applicable to bridge my career in the industrial world. An extraordinary moment for me has been given the opportunity to work, organize, grow and grow as well as develop my interests and talents in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering ITK. Keep going for ITK Materials and Metallurgical Engineering!

QA/QC Inspector, PT Meindo Elang Indah (Project LNG Tangguh Papua)

Studying in Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering will make you feel special. Why? First, this department is very rare in Indonesia because there are only less than 10 universities that provide it. Second, because material technology always develops according to the times, this department will not go out of style if you want to continue your studies to a higher level after graduation. Finally, the job prospects of graduates are also very wide ranging from the metal processing and manufacturing industry, mining, oil and gas industry, academia to the government sector. Anyway, it is guaranteed that you will not lose entering this department.

PhD Student in Saga University, Japan

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