Lecturers and staff information

Human Resources TheMaterials and Metalurgical Engineering Study Program is composed of lecturers and education staff.

Nama Lengkap NIP/NIPH Email
Muthia Putri Darsini Lubis, S.T., M.T. 198504252019032016 muthia_lubis@lecturer.itk.ac.id
Lia Amalia, S.T., M.T. 100320264 lia.amalia@lecturer.itk.ac.id
Fikan Mubarok Rohimsyah, S.T., M.Sc. 199402182022031004 fikan.mubarok@lecturer.itk.ac.id
Ade Wahyu Yusariarta P. P., S.T., M.T. 199301272019031010 adewahyu27@lecturer.itk.ac.id
Hizkia Alpha Dewanto, S.T., M.Sc. 199406092022031009 hizkia.ad@lecturer.itk.ac.id
Nia Sasria, S.Si., M.T. 199201152019032024 niasasria@lecturer.itk.ac.id
Ainun Zulfikar, S.T., M.T. 199403072020121002 ainun@lecturer.itk.ac.id
Gusti Umindya Nur Tajalla, S.T., M.T. 199302262019032020 gusti.unt@lecturer.itk.ac.id
Rifqi Aulia Tanjung, S.T., M.T. 199403292022031015 rifqi.aulia@lecturer.itk.ac.id
Andromeda Dwi Laksono, S.T., M.Sc. 199111142019031020 andromeda@itk.ac.id
Jatmoko Awali, S.T., M.T. 198903032019031016 jatmoko.awali@itk.ac.id
Dr. Eng. Yunita Triana 198810232018032001 nita@lecturer.itk.ac.id