Analysis of Environmental Effects on Corrosion Behavior of Embedded Gas Pipes in the Kariangau Industrial Estate, Balikpapan

2020 - Research and Technology

Kariangau industrial complex (KIK) is an industrial area located in Balikpapan. Many establishments in KIK are companies providing support for the mining, oil, and gas industry. Indeed, for KIK to expand, the companies will build infrastructure both above and underground. For underground structure, either it is a pipeline installation, structural foundation, or buried structure, all will be at risk to degrade by corrosion. This study aims to briefly overview corrosion risk in the buried system or pipeline in KIK. In this research, 5 points of reference were chosen to represent different soil conditions in KIK. The material used is API 5L to define the structure of a pipe used in gas industries. The observation was conducted on the soil condition and material to analyze the corrosion behavior in KIK. The result shows that KIK has low corrosion risk and complex corrosion behavior. Some areas have different corrosion behavior than others, and the condition can be dynamic to time. It is recommended to use this article wisely for engineers to use this article for corrosion engineering in this area.