Adsorption of Co2+ Metal Ions in Ceramic Dyes Waste Using Activated Carbon from Lai Durio Kutejensis (Hassk) Becc Skin. Immobilized in Clay from East Kalimantan

2020 - Research and Technology

The stages of the method in this research are the production of fractionated clay, activation of carbon from lai skins and immobilization of Lai Durio kutejensis (Hassk) Becc. in Clay. Then, adsorption of Co (II) metal ions was carried out using activated carbon adsorbents which were immobilized on clay using a batch method using concentration parameters of 5, 15, 30, 50 and 65 mg/L. The concentration of the remaining heavy metal ions was analyzed using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS). Optimum percentage of adsorbed metal ions was obtained at a concentration of 50 mg/L for 30 minutes. The adsorption type of Co2+ metal by immobilized adsorbent is Freundlich isothermal because the R2 value is 0.9009, while the adsorption capacity is 0.00945 mg/g and the adsorption energy is 11.704 kJ/mol so it is classified as a physical adsorption type.