Implementation of Repair Grove to Eligible-To-Use Tire and Development Productivity Human Resource for Karang Joang People

2018 - ITK

Education is the main capital for a nation in an effort to improve the quality of human resources. Quality human resources will be able to manage natural resources and provide services effectively and efficiently to improve people's welfare. Therefore, the central point of development is the empowerment of human resources including labor, both as development targets and as development actors. Balikpapan is an industrial area wherein Karang Joang village is a developing area. But so far, there is a lack of education and there are no concrete actions from both the government and community leaders and entrepreneurs. As a result, most of the orders requested by developers turned to a group of people. Based on this fact, the training institutions and the development of human resource productivity located in Karang Joang village try to facilitate this product group to be more productive and useful for efforts to improve the family economy, one of which is by providing training on proper management and tire repair use it.