Activities Providing Clean Water for the Kampung Banyumas Villagers with Simple Water Filtration

2019 - ITK

Access to clean water is one of a fundamental need for people. People of Kampung Banyumas Balikpapan is very dependent on PDAM, a government company for regional water processing, for clean water supply. Because the location of Kampung Banyumas that is relatively higher than the rest of Balikpapan, the clean water supply from PDAM hampered. In some other time, there might be a case where the supply stopped because of technical issue. Therefore people of Kampung Banyumas usually gather rainwater in their water
container. This water will run directly to their home for everyday needs. With the information we got from the Kampung Banyumas residence, their water is a bit dirty. That is why, in this program, we tried to introduce the residence of Kampung Banyumas a way to make a primary water filter with a bit of modification using simple items. The activity includes an introduction to water filter and workshop for people to try to make their filter on the spot.