In-House Training PT Komatsu Remanufacturing Asia (KRA): Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgist

2020 - ITK

PT Komatsu Remanufacturing Asia (KRA) is a company engaged in the remanufacturing of heavy equipment located in Balikpapan City. The remanufacturing process requires major competence in analyzing material failures so that product innovations can be generated. Failure analysis requires basic knowledge of metal science. The process, structure, and properties of various types of metal (especially cast iron, which is a special product of PT KRA) are important elements in determining the performance of a product. Unfortunately, the Engineering Department, which is the department that produces innovation, is not dominated by metallurgical experts. Thus, the performance of the department is disrupted. It is necessary to add basic knowledge about metals. Therefore, the community service activity "In-House Training PT Komatsu Remanufacturing Asia (KRA): Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgist" is focused on providing "refreshment" to the Engineering Department staff to gain basic knowledge about metal science. The activity was carried out for two days at PT KRA Head Office, Jln. Balang Island No. 99 KM.13 Karang Joang, Balikpapan. There were eight materials presented with a predetermined time duration, namely Metal Introduction, Phase Diagrams, IT Diagrams and CCT Jominy Tests, Heat Treatment, Surface Treatment, Mechanical Properties, Cast Iron, and Applications of Cast Iron and Steel Tools. The series of activities closed with a post test to evaluate the delivery of the material presented.