Oyster Mushroom Nursery Training and Marketing Method for Resident Near Gunung Bugiis Baru Ulu

2021 - ITK

Oyster mushroom is a type of wood fungus that initially grows naturally on tree trunks that have undergone weathering, generally easy to find in forest areas. However, along with the development of modern technology, the use of planting media materials from sawdust, rice straw and vitamins are used to replace the natural process of weathering wood. The cultivation of oyster mushrooms in Indonesia has only been initiated since 1988 and has begun to be looked at for large-scale cultivation. This is because tocarry out the cultivation of oyster mushrooms does not require large land, the harvest time is short, and mushroom seeds are easy to obtain at affordable prices. In the Gunung Bugis area or Baru Ulu village, there are two segments of residents, namely residents who do not know about oyster mushroom cultivation and residents who are familiar with oyster mushroom cultivation but only buy baglogs then take care of mushrooms and are confused about marketing their products. Based on these facts, ITK representedby the KKN 11 group in collaboration with the Baru ulu village government accommodated the community's needs regarding oyster mushroom cultivation through training in oyster mushroom breeding accompanied by marketing methods. The activity started with an introduction accompanied by a pre-test to find out about the residents' initial understanding of mushroom cultivation, an explanation of the baglog making technique and post-harvest marketing methods, followed by a question-and-answer session and a post-test as an indicator of increasing community understanding.