Introduction of Material and Metallurgy with Quizziz Interactive Method for Balikpapan Highschool Students

2020 - ITK

In Indonesia, the department that studies the properties and engineering of materials for creating superior properties not massively exist compared to another field study. So, the Department of Materials and Metallurgy is unknown especially people in Balikpapan. Therefore, it is important to conduct an event aiming to introduce knowledge about materials and metallurgy that focused on high school students. IN the new normal era, it is challenging to hold an activity directly. The online platform has been proved to create a limited interaction that might induce incomprehensively understanding. Therefore, this research will show introducing materials and metallurgy interactively using the Quizzizz method. The Quizzizz is an application that allow participants to answer the question and see the results directly. The Quizzizz was implemented after the presentation session. The average score of the Quizzizz showed 52,35. Also, the questionnaire revealed that 81.3% of participants received new, and 51.8% very understood of material presented, and 76.3% were satisfied with the activities. Overall, the event received good responses from the participants.