Planning and Renovating Healthcare Center for isolasi Covid-19 Isolation Room in Kampung Pinisi Balikpapan

2021 - ITK

Kampung Pinisi has been designated by the Balikpapan City Government as a tourism village, but not many visitors have come due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is known that the number of confirmed positive patients is increasing, causing the isolation rooms in hospitals to be always full. The government appealed to every residential area to provide an independent isolation room for its citizens. Through field observations conducted by the Kalimantan Institute of Technology (ITK) Real Work Lecture (KKN) group, it was found that the posyandu in Pinisi Village has the potential to function as an independent isolation room for the local community. Therefore, the ITK KKN group planned and renovated the posyandu into a Covid-19 self-isolation room. The activity begins with planning, namely preparing the design and budget for the renovation. After that, the activity continued to the renovation stage by involving a third party. This activity has been carried out well with the support capacity of the Pinisi Village community. It is hoped that with this activity, Pinisi Village will pay more attention to the prevention and cure of Covid-19, so that visitors to Pinisi Village can increase again.